Terraced housing and four-storey block, Longarone 1964-65 and 1966-68

The intervention was part of the rebuilding of Longarone after the Vajont dam disaster and followed the territorial planning directives and those of the reconstruction of the town formulated by Giuseppe Samonà and his group.

The terraced housing (seven two-storey houses accessed via an arcade at 4.5m above street level) is built along a steep ridge of rock facing the Vajont gorge. The complex of dwellings and arcade is interrupted by an outcrop of rock before continuing as a four-storey house. The structure of the complex is in cement rendered chromatically vibrant by the use of special wooden formworks that leave a varied imprint both in the structural volume and the non-structural panels.

The construction as a whole is one of the ‘upper limits’ of the rebuilt town.

Client: IACP Belluno and ISES Rome