Salviati Shop, Saint Mark’s Square, Venice 1982-83

The Salviati shop in Saint Mark’s Square was used to promote new products made by the prestigious Salviati glass factory. Displayed in glass cases supported by five brass cylinders with a built-in lighting system, the products and prototypes could be admired but were bought at the large showroom on the Grand Canal. The interior design of the shop is a reflection of the geometrical motifs and formal qualities of the Square: the large bands of contrasting colours of the paving, the golden glow of the interior of the Basilica, the rhythm of columns that, as well as the Procuratie, incorporate the splay of the arched entrances to the Basilica.

Client: Renzo Camerino
Project: Michelina Michelotto Pastor
Building contractor: F.lli Barzan, Venice
Bronze window frames: Officina Zanon, Venice
Mechanical components: Officina Rioda Livio, Murano
Carpentry: Spazio Legno snc, Venice
Venetian flooring: Crovato Pavimenti, Venice